Thursday, April 23, 2009

Burlesque Thursdays

The Woman Underneath

On reflection, it all came down to nylon -
stockings, bras, pants.
Of course, there were the other things -
swing of buttocks, flap of breasts,

a whole shape of arc and indent.
But somehow, it was the synthetics,
hitched by nylon, an erotic mechanics,
that set us light years apart.

What did we have when we undressed?
Socks. Jockeys. A string vest.
But when they stepped out
of shoes, blouse, and skirt -

voila! The French maid: that circumflex
of taut stocking-band; knickers
sheeny as a courtesan's; the stripper's

unhooking acrobatics; and the Lautrec
girl stooping as puckered hose slithers.
They held us in a man-made scissors.

Robert Maitre (1944- )


  1. What I want to know is why is it not acceptable to be shaped like these women anymore??!

  2. It's becoming more and more popular these days though. Just you watch! With burlesque and pin up style becoming more popular, that body style will come back someday.

  3. Thanks for you sweet comments! Your blog is so much fun! :o)