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Java's Bachelor Pad

Thought it was an extraordinarily busy burlesque day today...airport for Java and Mimi, lunch with Mimi First, coordinating fans, preparing for my house guest Angela Morales. I love it! All of these sweet fun ladies in my life...a girl really couldn't ask for more!Tonight is going to be fabulously swanky...I get to wear a sequin gown and perform my fan dance!                                                                    The Jigglewatts present Java's Bachelor Pad
Tonight 9:00pm-12:00amND at 501 Studios, Austin, Texas

A Blessed Thanksgiving

                  It's been a morning to be thankful for with homemade pumpkin spice bread hot                    from the oven, hot cups of coffee, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade,                    all of it shared with my family of course. I figured I would list all of the things                    I am thankful for but frankly I find this morning that it's more enjoyable to                    exclaim them throughout my day instead. This morning my husband and I                     have been having our own moments of saying what silly things we are                  thankful for (and we decided that our weenie dog is thankful for the                   dog fight she witnessed down below our balcony.) However I will say this;
                   I have a very blessed life despite the hardships of this and the past year and I                    am thankful for the strength to get through it, the strength to persue my dreams,                     and for God, my family and frien…

what a fabulous show...

I performed last night at the Spanksgiving Burlesque Festival and I have to admit, I am exhausted. I love this editorial photo because it really captures the spirit  of what a performer feels like after a show. I tend to become half a performer, half a human being dressed in pajamas, wrapped in a fur, still in stockings,  makeup a little melted, selective jewelry off, a few pieces still on.   It's as if the transition from diva to person is a slow one out of necessity. As if a rapid transition might just be too jarring.  
Oh joy! A burlesque festival! Tonight is the Spanksgiving Burlesque Festival and I am thrilled to be a part of it. There are going to be lots of really fabulous ladies performing tonight. You should come see us! I promise you'll be thankful you did... 
The Swan Dive (next door to Barbarella) Austin, TX                                                       Friday at 7:00pm - Saturday at 2:00am

I Want Everything in This Editorial Part {One}

This editorial has everything I could ever want in my fall/winter wardrobe. It's a rather large editorial and as I don't like to post huge posts, it's going to happen in a few parts. A few delicious fashion tastes at a time my darlings! 

Loving {red nails, black clutch, belted fluffy atomic age inspired prints, Betty bangs meets veronica lake hair, dark scarlet lips, beaded top, gray purse, swing skirts, delicate watch, thick but light brows}

(images found at & Oh Fashion Model}

xo, Jolie 

Veterans - Thank You

To all my veteran friends and family - Thank you for your service to our
country. You are true blessings to us all and I will be forever
grateful to your precious service. It was an honor to be a Marine Corps
wife, to be a part of the military life, simply because I got to see how
special our service men and women really are. Thank you, thank you,
thank you.


wine    +   pattern cutting    +     sewing    =       my ritual
Happy Tuesday! Enjoy your rituals! xo, Jolie
PS - This gorgeous and delicious photo is by Jen Altman Are you as in love with it as I? 

Hallow's Eve Show

Getting ready for the Fetish Ball at the Austin Music Hall tonight. I am doing my champagne bath number tonight with an added spooky touch! I will also be one of the models in the fashion show this evening. Time to touch up my nails, roll my hair, and decide between the pink dress or the black dress!
Livevil Hallow's Eve Tantric Fetish Ball Austin Music Hall 6:00pm

attending breast cancer burlesque benefit

Looking forward to dinner tonight with an old friend, then it's off to a breast cancer benefit at Opal Divine's. Tonight, it's not me performing, I simply get to luxuriate in a burlesque show put on by some really talented gals. I am excited to wear my white swing dress with orange polka dots belted with a vintage navy piece, camel colored heels, white double stranded pearls, and my Grandmother's leaf broach. 

it piles up now and then

Gardenia is my focus today, scouring the internet for good ad placements, web hosts, creating a fall budget. It's a day for doing typical free lance florist business work. Simply putting myself and my arrangement talents out there! Emails, tea, blogging, petite snacks, etc.
Stop on by and visit Gardenia's Blog

Happy Tuesday darlings

It's an errand running day. Time to buy essential fall/winter wardrobe items, gather Halloween burlesque show necessities, office supplies, book shows, answer phone calls...Looking forward to the moment of pulling the apple roasted pork loin out of the oven tonight. It's a good old fashioned Tuesday!

fresh air

            A cold front rolled in this morning, bringing with it a soft wind and sunny skies. As I am             still mostly puttering around the house waiting to get well, it is so pleasant to throw             open all the windows and let fresh air in. While in limbo, I look forward to dawning             a big comfy sweater, drinking tea from my Grandmother's brown and white china,            curling up with my miniature dachshund, and delving into the fantastic piece of            literature I am currently reading.  
I found this image at Sasha Ezquerra's blog, a really lovely blog.               P.S. I highly recommend reading The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n

How To Make A Fall Flower Arrangement

In addition to being a burlesque performer and jazz singer I am a florist as well. The guest book table arrangement was inspired by Dutch paintings and the elegant transition that happens between summer and fall. Deep purple grapes, gray dusty miller, coral hypericum berries, and ambrosia roses add the elegance of fall while peach stock and white sweetheart roses give a last nod to spring.

Damsel in Distress

I know it's been a week since I lasted posted however I got a concussion last Sunday when out in the country and have been recovering ever since. As a result I have some pretty wretched vertigo and it's caused me to be red ridden. Now, I am finally able to sit in chairs and walk around the house some. I will admit though that I am aching to get out of the house, to go play in the October weather. I think I've got a bit of a damsel-in-distress syndrome.

Burlesque in Dallas

I leave early morning for Dallas tomorrow for my burlesque show at the Lakewood Theatre. How magical would it be to have lights like those installed into my suitcase? Packing will be a challenge as I have to bring two costumes, stage makeup, stockings, heels, all the appropriate burlesque essentials, gloves, dresses, and fun accessories. 

Jolie Goodnight performs with Viva Dallas             Viva Dallas Burlesque Presents: The SciFi Fantasty Show Lakewood Theatre 8:00pm Friday, October 1        Dallas, Texas

Glamour Time

I have a show tonight with the fabulous Jigglewatts so it is time to put curlers in my hair, get a manicure and pedicure, pick out a wonderful vintage dress, and get glamorous! I am ready for shimmery eye shadows, body glitter, and deep red lipstick. 
The Jigglewatts with Guest Star Jolie Goodnight Saturday 25th @ Red 7   10:00pm

Costume inspiration

I am in love with these abundant layers of tulle. The "sugar bee" act is inspired by this dress as well as a Gucci mannequin in Nordstrom's. The mustard golds, buttery yellows, and deep blacks accented by lines and dots will look stunning in stage lighting. Saturday and Tuesday's shows are rockabilly themed so the skirt will be cropped and playful. However for the Animal Benefit on October 15th, I want to bring more elegance to the piece. Hence this gorgeous, long dress and petticoat.


cup of coffee, strawberries and yogurt, favorite blogs, flower dress, jeep cherokee, aesthetic fruits, fresh flowers, beautiful lake, organize tools, dinner party...

{image found at}


Relaxing after a long day of performance promo, graphic design, floral locations, and printing. Fluffy pillows, champagne, pink asters by the bedside, and of course luxurious bedding.
Accomplished today: 1. Finished graphic design of promo envelope 2. Joined the pinup lifestyle network 3. Designated floral design areas at the Lakehouse 4. Printed 150 shipping labels 


The Louis Vuitton fall collection speaks to every glamorous bone in my body.  It's the burlesque dancer's ideal image of backstage. The gold damask chairs, framed stage mirrors, boxes of shoes emerging from tissue paper. It's the moment after the performance, the doning of an exquisite dress, silky gloves, and devine purse

San Diego Here I Come!

For those of you who are going to Tiki Oasis, here are some of the events you can see me in!
4pm : Pin Up Safari
5:30pm:  Go Go Dancer Poolside
6:00pm: In the Main Event Fashion Show

2:30 :  Hair Model for Lady Borgia's Hair and Makeup Symposium
10:30 : Burlesque performance with the Ding Dong Devils

The elegence of a weenie dog

As I said in a previous post, Maisonette is about documenting my progress toward big goals. So it is essential that I write down all that I accomplished yesterday.

1. Reorganized the "Burlesque" folder on computer
2. Transfered all my photoshoot photos from my old computer to my new one
3. Began to brainstorm a trademark
4. Began making the Jolie Goodnight Burlesque website!
5. Brainstormed names for my burlesque collective

1. Posted photoshoot with Erica to facebook,
2. to the Gardenia blog,
3. and to the Gardenia website
4. Revamped the look of the Gardenia blog
5. Networked with a college friend who works at Green Pastures! (yay!)

1. Cleaned the balcony (put away all my florist tubs, galvanized buckets, swept, cleaned off the table cloth, cleaned out ash tray)
2. Cleaned out my car (So many pairs of high heels!)
3. Watered my lavender plants
4. Cleaned out the fridge
5. Made a beautiful sausage on a bed of sauteed red bell peppers and onions…

Inspired by haute couture

The auditions for the sci-fi Burlesque Show in Dallas are getting perpetually closer. Normally I tend to stick to more classic burlesque for my routines, so this theme threw me for a loop. In brainstorming, I wondered how I could stay true to my classic code, yet breaking out of my shell a bit, while maintaining the required Sci-fi theme. I decided haute couture would be my avenue, taking inspiration from the bizarre, the elegant, the alien, and the exaggerated.   Hopefully by next week I will have all of the materials to sew my cotume.

Savin' my love for you!

Yesterday I had a jazz rehearsal with Floyd Domino. It is such a blessing to be able to work with Floyd as he has a tremendous talent for playing the piano and has worked with numerous successful artists. It is lovely to sing these old jazz standards with him because he understand that it's not about him or me, it's about the music.  Enjoy hearing this very rough, iphone recording of our rehearsal! This recording has 3 songs on it; Summertime, God Bless the Child, and Ain't Misbehavin'. Pardon the talking between songs, and some of my rougher moments of notes, pitches and such. That is just the nature of rehearsal. You gotta be able to laugh at your mistakes!


I hung up curtains and a curtain rod the other day in our bedroom. They are white opaque curtains that my mother used to have up in her bedroom. The effect is somewhat like this beautiful photo. Though I do wish I had a white or cream quilt/blanket/duvet. That would pull the whole thing together!
As a 25 year old it is that time in my life when I need a direction, a way to focus all of my talents and energies. Both a blessing and a curse, God gave me a desire to be talented at a lot of things. I've taken and taught dance lessons of all forms (tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, and drill team.) I'm a jazz singer, an actress, and a burlesque dancer. I am now a florist with my own business. I have a French major from the University of San Diego, and I am one semester away from a degree in theatre from St. Edward's University. I've taken graphic design, photography, and fashion design. I've been a costume designer, a 1940's-50's pinup model, as well as a seamstress. On top of all of this I am in love with all things literate - reading, writing, analyzing. I strive to be a perfect housewife, hostess, cook, baker, and crafter. While I am proud of myself -and while I recognize it is a beautiful thing to have the drive to do all of…
I wish I knew where I found this photo!

How to Make a Spring Flower Arrangement

This is one of my favorite arrangements made the first day of Mother's Day Weekend at my flower stand, Gardenia.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements Part 2

Last weekend was opening weekend of my new flower stand, Gardenia.

Sorry my weenie dog is staring at you

While waiting for my licenses and permits to arrive, I have been practicing making flower arrangements. Because I am without my wholesale agricultural permit for the moment, I am making do with normal flowers one finds at the grocery store. Lately I have an adoration for peach tones and I am taking it out on flowers.