Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I think it's time I opened a flower shop

“There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman.” -Emile Zola


  1. Welcome back! I love your blog, so I'm glad you're posting again. Makes me think I should get off my own butt and start posting on my blog too, but it's so easy for me to get in trouble with that. As a reporter I have to be careful about what I put out there and I know YOU know how little I enjoy censoring myself!
    Also, re: your facebook post, I would love to be able to purchase flowers from you, no matter where you set up! Peonies are my absolute favorite, but I prefer the blue ones.

  2. Thanks darlin'! I just figured since I am going to start this flower stand and am also going to start singing jazz around town, that I need to network. I need to reconnect with Austin folks now that I live here again! I am sooo glad to hear you will buy some flowers from me. You can bet that as long as peonies are in season, I will have them.

    If you blog, I will read it!

  3. What a beautiful image and quote.