Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burlesque in Dallas

I leave early morning for Dallas tomorrow for my burlesque show at the Lakewood Theatre. How magical would it be to have lights like those installed into my suitcase? Packing will be a challenge as I have to bring two costumes, stage makeup, stockings, heels, all the appropriate burlesque essentials, gloves, dresses, and fun accessories. 

     Jolie Goodnight performs with Viva Dallas
            Viva Dallas Burlesque Presents: The SciFi Fantasty Show
Lakewood Theatre 8:00pm Friday, October 1
       Dallas, Texas


  1. Good luck on the show and it would be amazing to have lights in your suitcase......


  2. Break a leg!! That's so cool that you do burlesque..I've always wanted to do that! It's definitely something I want to look into when I move to the (any) city. I went to a burlesque themed club in Rome and it was fabulous!