Monday, September 27, 2010

A week of traveling, costuming, performing, cooking, and enjoying.

Fall officially blew in through my windows this morning and so accordingly I  scurried around my house cleaning every inch of it. I did what I did as a child, I set an alarm in hopes that I will have finished cleaning by the time it sounds. It worked. I then headed straight for Central Market to buy
some crisp apples, beautiful vegetables, Belgian ale, and a delicious pork shoulder to braise for dinner. It was important for me to all of these things as this week entails a lot of work.

1. Practice my routine for my burlesque performance on Tuesday.
2. Alter my costume for my show in Dallas at the Lakewood Theatre on Friday.
3. Make contact with the magazine editor so that I am able to take the position as crafts writer.
4. Perform in Dallas on Friday.
5. Schedule the next three weeks so I can fit in PR work.
6. Pay quarterly taxes.
7. Put dinner on the table so my husband is taken care of despite my busy schedule. 

Some of this is fabulous, some is comforting but above all I have to remember to keep the joy in all that I do. Without joy, I am wasting all of these dreamy opportunities.

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  1. Such a lovely room! I'm very impressed that setting a timer to clean worked for you! I might have to try it sometime..aka tomorrow!