Monday, November 15, 2010

much too sleepy for all this

Dear life,
I have entirely too much to do this week. I would greatly
appreciate it if you would give me permission to just crawl
into this bed instead with a cozy cup of hot apple cider tea,
my old copy of Jane Eyre, and my faux fur blanket. 
Thank you, Jolie 

To Do: Gardenia 
1. Meet with villa owner (keep fingers crossed)
2. Renew porfolio
3. Reprint business cards
4. Decide on ad spaces to buy
5. Meet with Erica to create blog schedule

To Do: Burlesque
1. Finish sewing plaid skirt
2. order corset
3. Trim all costume pieces
4. Rhinestone everything!
5. Decide on fan dance for Java Bachelor Pad Show
6. Practice for Burlesque Fest this Friday
7. Find new tub?
9. Sew velvet costume

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