Saturday, November 13, 2010

with old friends

Tonight is the wedding of one of my oldest friends at one of the most beautiful
hotels in Austin. Elizabeth and I were on dance team together and have been 
avid fans of brunches ever since.  It's going to be a glamorous, yet challenging 
evening for me as I will be singing jazz at thereception! It's a wonderful 
opportunity to wear some of my favorite jewelry & my beautiful sequined 
blue mermaid cut gown. I look forward to sipping some champagne, eating delicious food, 
and celebrating a very beautiful union between two people I love with old friends.  

Sunday I have the honor of doing a guest performance at the East Austin
Studio Tour. I will have a little burlesque moment to top off my lovely 

Venue:1138 Gunther St.
Date:Saturday, November 13
Event:EAST JIVE! Outside!

Have a fabulous weekend! xo, Jolie

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