Thursday, December 30, 2010

in prep

 Although this office is somewhat stark, I find it most fitting to
the New Year. I love the extravagance of Christmas but the New
Year, for me, is about editing. It's the perfect time for pairing 
down home decor and for focusing life pursuits. Though I have
to admit, I think a touch of soft pink would be delicious with all 
of those hints of gray in the room. I can't help but want to glam
things up a bit! 

In what ways do you prepare for the New Year?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Very exciting news indeed! I am the new fashion writer for Rockabilly
Magazine and am just absolutely thrilled. I don't want to reveal all of
the specifics of my first article, but I found this image while doing some
research. Isn't every bit of it stunning? I adore the folds in the rich brown
fabric, her blase slouch in the chair, the way her hair almost blends in
with the fabric of the chair. I'm also loving the angle of the photograph,
allowing the viewer to see the stark floor, the marble side table, and
the linear pattern of the roses on the screen. Truly lovely.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The {second} day of Christmas

This home is the epitome of a simple, elegant Christmas maison. The touches of white, cream, gray, and green could be very cold and unendearing but are perfectly warmed by the gentle glow of lamps, the brightness of sunshine reflected off of the snow, and the soft flicker of candle light. Christmas is present but without fuss, pretense, or stuffiness. I'm newly inspired to continue to declutter my home to create more space for my Christmas decorations. I am especially in love with the atherial effect created by the white throws and blankets, the plush white drapes, and the dainty wreaths. What is your favorite element?

xo, Jolie

Monday, December 6, 2010

The first day of Christmas

                                Whew! What a fabulous weekend! It's nice to be back home 
                                with my family, hunkered down beneath leopard velvet blankets,
                                with a rosemary pork loin and sweet potatoes roasting in my
                                dimly lit kitchen. Now that my pressing performances are 
                                behind me, I can truely commence to enjoy Christmas. It is
                                my favorite hoiday! So the next twenty days are dedicated to
                                the decadence accompanied by winter and Christmas time. 
                                 Oh! And...what is your favorite holiday comfort activity? 
                                 I'd love to know!
                                   xo, Jolie

Friday, December 3, 2010

Festivus Follies

Two images today? Oh my! You could say I woke up feeling very enthusiastic despite how little sleep I've had. Last night's show was stunning...dolled up patrons of the theatre, cocktails, feather fans, showgirls from all over the country, sparkling costumes, Java from the Bachelor Pad Magazine himself. Deliciously swanky. 

This morning it's coffee, rehearsal, bags packed...a road trip with a dear friend and photographer, as well as Java. Off to Dallas to perform a Holiday Show with numerous fantastic performers, among them Jo Weldon and Indigo Blue. Cheers! Here's to a fabulous day and night!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Java's Bachelor Pad

Thought it was an extraordinarily busy burlesque day today...airport for Java and Mimi, lunch with Mimi First, coordinating fans, preparing for my house guest Angela Morales. I love it! All of these sweet fun ladies in my life...a girl really couldn't ask for more!
Tonight is going to be fabulously swanky...I get to wear a sequin gown and perform my fan dance!
                                                                    The Jigglewatts present Java's Bachelor Pad
Tonight 9:00pm-12:00am
ND at 501 Studios, Austin, Texas