Friday, January 14, 2011

glancing off gold details

The decor of these rooms, notably the first room, is the perfect
example of transitional decor. It feels to me to be inbetween winter
and spring. That is currently how I'm feeling: happy to be snuggled
up in cozy blankets and cable knit tights, however I feel a little 
yearning for spring to arrive. Mixing wintery whites with blush
toned peach and pinks could not be more appealing to me than
it already is.  Something about the soft light of a cloudy day coming
in through the windows, glancing off of gold details and 
elegant frames is absolutely comforting. In a way, it takes the 
edge off of life. I've added these colors to my own home, 
making the task of writing my article for She! Magazine that
much more pleasant.

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