Thursday, January 20, 2011

joyeux anniversaire!

At first I figured a painting by Paul Cézanne would be appropriate to celebrate what
would be his 172nd birthday, but as many of us well know, artists often have fabulous
style. Of course most of Monsieur Cézanne's style can be attributed to his blasé
attitude toward the camera, toward the paint buried within the weave of the fabric
of his pants. Yet one should note the drape of his jacket, a jacket worn inside none-
the-less, completing his entire ensemble.   And the decor lover in me can't help but
want to see the rest of the white bureau to the right of the frame. I'm additionally
intrigued by what might be the contents of the shelf up high as well. Even the odd
materials splayed across the floor have a certain elegance to them. They are careless
but they tell a story, and that is effortless decadence and style.

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