Thursday, January 20, 2011

my life (and my home is a melange of vases)

Having two different careers, burlesque and floral arranging,
can be somewhat scattered. Both jobs require attention daily
and so I find that it's essential that I refocus a bit. Burlesque,
flowers, and home keeping have begun to blend which in a way
is a marvelous thing. My life and my home is a melange of vases,
glitter, feather fans, roses, ironing boards, fresh vegetables, coffee
cups, and inspirational scraps of paper. In the past week I my home
has been host to a photoshoot for She! magazine. My floor is a
work space for rhinestoning and costuming. My desk has my Husband's
essays for school, calendars, candles, and song inspiration notes. 
Needless to say, it's all very beautiful, and I'm thankful for that.
However, this atmosphere is bound to become chaotic as projects
build and grow. Additionally, burlesque requires me to travel
frequently and each time I come home things are more and more

So today is about regrouping and refocusing. 

To Do:
Gardenia & Maisonette
1. Post flower photos on Gardenia
2. Create interview for Erica and Cameron
3. Create Valentine's Day Inspiration board 
4. Redesign business cards

1. Groceries
2. Clean fridge 
3. Clean desk surface
4. Do quick clean

1. Add videos to Jolie Goodnight website
2. Post about Dallas Burlesque Festival
3. Follow up on writing opportunity (twitter?) 
4. Redesign business cards
5. Choose Mardi Gras 2nd song
6. Find music for Mardi Gras show


  1. Can't wait to see the burlesque videos! :)
    Have fun in Dallas!



  2. I found your blog by accident & enjoy it so much to dive into you world! It sounds wonderful, you seem to fill your life with beauty in all forms... Thanks so much for the inspiration!