Thursday, January 27, 2011

a stately home office

I've been doing extensive research on what I would 
like my office to look like as my husband and I have
decided to turn the second bedroom into a home 
office. An office is a delicate space, requiring a lot
of thinking as it must house many different kinds of
things. This makes home offices to me seem quite
cluttered. Printers, paperwork, bills, post-its, pens,
computers, books, stationary, stamps, files, and
magazines. All of this is enough to make an office 
quickly go from elegant to chaotic. On top of the
standard office objects, this room needs to neatly
organize my burlesque, sewing, and craft materials.
Additionally, my husband is a musician and a 
student so enter the guitars and binders. 

I've begun to write a list of the areas needed
and how to address them stylishly. I find it
almost impossible to happily work in an even
vaguely cluttered work space. I want the final
space to be:


Essentially for me that means things need to be 
hidden. I think the success of the rooms I've
posted above is that they have details one would
ordinarily find in a bedroom or living room;
marvelously draped curtains, gilded trays,
serene candles, fluffed pillows, framed pictures,
and  of course fresh flowers! 

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