Tuesday, January 25, 2011

that certain perfect spot

Despite how motivated I can be, some days it's impossible to leave
the warm comforting cocoon created by creamy sheets and a 
deliciously heavy down comforter. There is something charming 
about that certain perfect spot. Do you know the one? The one
where you are pleasently warm but the bottom sheet is a bit
chilled from the absence of body heat. It's the one where the
abundance of pillows has fallen into the perfect nook for your
head to rest. It's the one where the weight of the feathers and 
crispness of the quilt makes your body feel small in comparison.
It's the place where the blankets are pulled slightly above your 
head so you can see the morning light seep in through the threads
of the quilted lines. It's the spot where you know that if you leave
it, it will be almost impossible to find again. As a child I knew
I could always find this special spot in my parents' bed, 
making it my favorite napping place. 

Today my bed has the perfect spot and with all the beautiful
romance my life has handed me comes some hardship as well.
And when things get hard, I find it perfectly acceptable to pull
up the sheets and luxuriate in my perfect spot. 

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