Monday, February 7, 2011

Series: Homes: 1870 coach house {equestrian chic}

Equestrian homes are undoubtedly charming. They make use of plush smooth leathers,
rustic woodgrains, horse head book ends, and equestrian award ribbons. What I love
about this house is that it is unabashedly equine. It is unafraid to have an abundance
of equestrian themed decor and to be apologetically WASP-y. I love the Hermes orange
touches...books, blankets, bags, ribbons. The plaid bag, ready for a day out at the market.
The saddle and boots patiently awaiting the afternoon ride. The bar provides the perfect
afternoon cocktail, an amperatif to drink in front of the fire. 

Things I love: plaid cuffed wellingtons, big heavy door, barn like hinges, blankets on
the book shelf, the boot on the desk "leg,"the King Charles Spaniel on the plaid throw, 
the antlers on the silver platter, & the think gilded framed horses above the bar.

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