Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have such cause for celebration this week! I feel very honored
to have won the Friday Night Audience Choice Award at the
Texas Burlesque Festival as well as the Best Tease Award! I am
so very blessed to have the support of my audience and of the
fabulous burlesque legends, Tiffany Carter, Shannon doah, and
Annie Sprinkle. What are whirlwind of a weekend! To add to my
absolute joy I just completely my interview for Pin Curl Magazine.

What a beautiful life! Thank you to everyone for believing in me!
All of the performers of the festival were absolutely stunning and
inspired me to take my acts to new heights. Oh, and that Perle
Noire is a fabulous sight to see! 

xo, Jolie Ampère Goodnight


  1. These are beautiful photos!!:)


  2. Congratulations doll on your award!! Love your blog!!


  3. Thank you! The awards are really a dream come true <3