Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Decadent Picnic Photo Shoot}

Spending the day gathering items for my "Decadent Picnic" shoot
tomorrow with Angela Morales. The location is at the mid-
century modern lakehouse belonging to my Godmother and it's
absolutely stunning. The magazine we are shooting for loves
a late 50's early 60's spirit so we are aiming for that gentle
spring cocktail photo set. It's a lovely day today, blustering 
cool winds blowing branches of blooming fruit trees, perfect
for gathering pretty set pieces. 
To Buy:
Pink, gold, and blue balloons
Two matching champagne bottles
A golden loaf of french bread
Spring Flowers
It's a great day for celebrating because last night I had
a fantastic meeting with Mandy Lauderdale. Her voice is
amazing and I am so thrilled that we have a special project
in the works!

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