Wednesday, April 6, 2011

write fabulous article...poolside

Today I'm styling the photo shoot for my article for She! Magazine.
Luckily, the article is about throwing a chic backyard BBQ party &
I happen to love backyards, BBQ, and parties! Firstly, going to get the
finishing touches items (spring flowers and cocktails makings) then it's
off to a stunning backyard in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston.

On the To Do List:

1. Purchase : flowers, vodka, basil, local beer, 
ice, sea shells, raffia, ribbon, 
galvanized trays.

2. Make cocktails, set up shoot & 
photograph in a garden by the pool

3. Edit photos in this stunning hotel 

4. Write fabulous article poolside

I love this life! xo, Jolie


  1. Lovely pics!!

  2. hahaha lovely life indeed! :)
    i like this blog, i m now a follower.... but it seems there' s a problem with ur photos.. they only show up at the cooments section. i had the same problem a couple of weeks ago (it had to do with IE, im now using google chrome) anyway.. i hope we ll stay in touch

  3. Hi,
    your blog is great. Follow you now. If you like visit my blog and follow too.
    x milla

  4. @ Meekay - Thank you darling, I'm glad you enjoy them! Lovely blog as well.

    @Christina - That is very odd. I wonder if other people are having the same problem?

    @Miss Pepper - Thanks for following! xoxo