Saturday, August 13, 2011

{after the show...}

Last night I went to Paris...well, not exactly but our Parisienne themed show
went marvelously! However I expended so much energy performing and having
fun, that today I'm a bit under the weather. I want nothing more than to relax
in the soft light of my living room windows, to indulge in some homemade 
sweets, to read beneath a summer quilt, and to dine on sweet and special 
china. However all of this is the exact opposite of what I need to accomplish
today. I have lines to learn, items to purge for charity, items to sort...


  1. I love how you immediately transport me away!
    Good luck with everything you have to accomplish.

  2. Wished I could have been at the show. I know that you ladies blew everyone away.