Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Easy to find pleasure}

Despite my aversion to summer heat, I'm finding it easy to find pleasure in 
occasional dips in the pool, toes submerged in the trickle of a fountain. I
like to find a brief stretch of time during which I can doze off while reading
an adventurous book.  But my favorite hour, as the sun tucks slowly away
casting a blue light over everything, is spent walking the pups, reflecting over
the day's accomplishments, over work done marvelously. We walk languidly
back home, to return to the kitchen to finish cooking the evening's meal.
A meal out on the balcony, the smell of candles and water sprinklers on 
warm pavement, the taste of a summer ale and fresh fish. It's pure bliss.

Thank you, Roseline of This is Glamorous, for reminding me to relish in
the bits of summer before it slips through our fingers.

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  1. Stunning images!
    Enjoy your Summer-

  2. Beautiful words to go with the charming images. That magic hour, just after work is done, in which to unwind and relax, is possibly the prettiest of them all.

  3. sounds positively lovely -- happy you're taking the time to enjoy every last moment before it does slip through our fingers . . .