Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{my favorite closets}

In great anticipation of the grandiose closet into which I'm about to move, 
I can't stop myself from browsing through numerous photos of closets. Closet
organization could be a daunting task, but once given ample space, it becomes
a romantic task instead. How can I make my closet feel less like a cave-like
storage space, and more like a bedroom? My favorite spaces are adorned with
small vases of seasonal flowers, lamps are placed in perfect places to light up the
space, and shoes are treated like pieces of decor places on sturdy shelves. How 
lovely is the bra arrangement? With my bras arranged like this, it will be 
difficult to decide which to wear! 

What are your favorite closets like? Do you have lovely ways to
organize your closet?


  1. How to organize a closet? That is the question! ;-)
    I like the first photo : it should be nice to see all my bra like this, but ... I like to put all my coordinate set together, not only my bra...
    I love the bathroom photo : probably not the easiest to use or to clean, but the most glamourous, no doubt!
    I hate the closet shoes : too muuch shoes and I can't see them all.
    About the closet photo (the second one), I don't like it as a closet, too eairy, too lighty, too big ... It remind me the back of the a lingerie or danswear shop, perhaps because of this "tabouret" in the center?! Don't you think so?
    I wish you the closet of your dream in your new home.

  2. You are supposed to store your molded cup bras as seen in the photo. It will preserve the shape of the bra.

  3. @Pascale from Paris - wow some great input! Thanks! I agree that the bathroom is impractical but SO luxurious.

    @RhinestoneDiva - That's great to know. I always keep mine that way because it looks pretty, but I'm glad to know it serves another purpose.