Monday, August 1, 2011

{Strip Strip Horray Indeed!}

Sitting with a glass of vihno verde watching the sun slink behind 
lit buildings, it's impossible not to reflect back on the weekend I
just had. It's one of those weekend filled with such fun and happiness
that rather than think of a continuous memory, I'm recalling snippets 
of time...Moments of Dita dancing at the party, her face covered by
the lace veil of the Maison Michel bunny ears.  Sweet recollections 
of conversations held in French with a stunning Russian woman for
need of a common adjective. Genuine connections with a new
friend in love with jazz and rhinestoned lapels...great laughter and
cheer shared of a glass of Perrier Jouet with women I admire

Essentially, I am grateful & happy.

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