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{creativity, epiphanies, and positivity}

Life has taken a turn for the even better, becoming a more
gentle and gracious chapter. I've been up to fun things (more
details to be shared next week,) projects with other artists,
planning fresh starts with creative peers, envisioning the
flowers for a childhood friend's's all very dreamy,
surreal in a way. I feel very lucky in a way, to have found 
myself in a week of forgiveness, new beginnings, love & 
tenderness, creativity, epiphanies, and positivity. I hope
your weekend finds itself full of grace and happiness!
Tonight, I'm ready for lovely curls, a new pair of stockings,
and drinks with good friends.

xo, Jolie


  1. Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate la jolie maisonette!
    You exude an air of class and elegance in all your posts which is inspirational. Would you consider sharing your creative talents with my blog readers? Just a few questions on your own designs for creating such an artful life.

  2. I am so thrilled to hear that Maisonette inspires you. Thank you so much! I would be honored to share with your readers. You can email me at to give me more details. <3 Merci!


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