Friday, May 27, 2011

step into the crisp, cold, sweet rooms

I must apologize for my absence, it's been an extraordinarily busy couple of 
weeks! The start of the week has been filled with visits to the flower wholesaler.
It's lovely to step into the crisp, cold, sweet rooms picking out fluffy roses, peonies
that look like party dresses, and fragrant freesia. It's been a week of popping into
little local cafes for a bite to eat and refreshing iced tea. And afterward...a perfect
welcome home by my darling husband and sweet little prancing Dachshunds as I
set the keys down and walk into a sunny entry way. And later...a glass of champagne,
feathers, rhinestones, and a great movie.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

"The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition & progress, history & fantasy. I am the songbird & the worm." ~ G. Page

I've been having days filled with daydreams and inspiring 
conversations with good friends, moments of clarity and sweet
melodies. Constantly working to make dreams come true so that
day dreams and become day realities. Currently reading and 
listening to stories of successful people, being inspired by the
joys of synchronicity and the bliss of finding yourself in the exact
place you always pictured yourself in. Do you ever want so much
for yourself that it's almost bittersweet? Do you ever lie in the sun 
and find yourself full of hope, so full of hope in fact that you know
there is no other option but to make your dreams come true? 
I'm so joyous to be living the life I am living and I want nothing
but to create more happiness, to connect with music in this way,
to connect with people in this way, to connect with myself in 
this way, to connect to my marriage in this way....

for the rest of my life. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{I had a fabulous birthday!}

What a fabulous birthday! My special day held beautifully
wrapped packages filled with wonderful surprises, much 
needed rain pouring from the sky, strawberry short cake,
flutes of champagne, cassoulet shipped from a special source,
a joyful dinner party with my giant family, a new dacshund 
puppy,  and sweet messages sent from fans, peers, friends, and
Thank you everyone for making me feel so special! Cheers!

xo, Jolie
Why does a charge disrupt the varying mystic?

Friday, May 6, 2011

{All of the vivid colors! }

Sadly the weather is becoming increasingly hotter. Spring is fading as 
mild nights turn into warm and balmy dusk. Admittedly summer is not my
favorite season. It lacks the charm of spring, the enchantment of winter, the
 bittersweet chill of autumn. However this blog does not serve for complaints
but rather for romanticism. As I've done before, I aim to romanticize summer,
to figure out summer's qualities that entice me. What do I have to look forward

Blissful moments laying on a boat being rocked gently by the waves of the
lake. Avocados, tomatoes, cilantro muddled in a molcajete to make fresh
guacamole. Trips to the farmer's market, basket in hand, filled with colorful
summer vegetables. Chilled watermelon, dripping with juices, eaten out on
the front porch at sunset. Cotton dresses kept cool in the freezer. Cockatils
made with fresh fruit and herbs from the garden. Stone fruit plump with sugar
inside of a flaky pie crust. Days on floats in the pool, hands splashing water
now and then to cool off. Stacks of books ready for summer reading 
lackadaisically in a hammock. Floating down the river with an ice cold
Lone Star Beer. The voices of Buena Vista social club floating 
quietly through the room. And let's not forget all of the vivid colors!  

Images found {here} Post inspired by { Arianna Belle}

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

{My Homekeeping Past Time}

It's been a bit of an organization week around here. I've taken
the week void of burlesque meetings as an opportunity to get my
home ready for late spring, early summer life. One of my favorite
things in life is having a beautiful home and tending to it. Life 
has been so utterly busy lately with shows, classes to teach, 
meetings, travel, and so on that my home has fallen through the
cracks. I've also picked up more writing opportunities which
happily coincides very well with my homekeeping past time.
After all, a closet perfectly organized is marvelously satisfying.
Part of my love for home keeping comes partly from my love
of aesthetics and partly from my adoration of organization. 

A petite breakdown:

Aesthetically Pleasing Desk
-  The vintage milk glass lamp
- The cream box filled with inspirational tokens;
glitter, stationary, silver bows, and labels.
- The golden monogram paper weight
- The antique tall china cup used to corral pens 
- Gold and peach candles slowly burning

An organized desk
- Mail and documents corraled
- Paper neatly stacked in a tweed box
- Slots for:
1. stationary
2. post-its
3. Checkbooks, envelopes, paperclips
4. Daily Cleaning To Do List posted to easy viewing
5. Periwinkle boxes filled with rhinestones, glue, past
show fliers, important business cards. 

What are your favorite ways to organize your desk?  

A Showgirl's Checklist for Daily Cleaning

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{The first day of spring is one thing}

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.  The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. " - Henry Van Dyke

Lately Spring has been rather indecisive, reluctant to find 
a temperature and stick to it. But that's been my joy this 
spring, to layer clothing, almost like one does in the fall,
only with different textures and fabrics. I'm loving the 
Spring 2011 collection from Tibi; the girlish dresses with
updated hemlines, the boxy yet playful shoulders, the soft
ruffles giving a sense of airiness. Each ensemble could easily
be layered with a light silk scarf, a delicate cotton sweater,
and an oversized canvas bag equipped with  pair of flats for
the more casual spring cookout.