Monday, January 23, 2012

Antonio Berardi Spring 2012

Warrior-meets-soft-femininity is just the concept I
want for clothing this week. It's prep week, so it's
time to perfect each routine needed for Febuary, to
take great care of my body for photoshoots, to take 
each costume to the next level, and to run all the
errands a girl could run in one week! And somewhere
between all that are meetings and social outings...

So what better wardrobe could I ask for than the
deceptively simple elegance of Antonio Berardi's
Spring 2012 line? I would happy start the day in 
a soft peach mini dress, coffee in hand, leather
boho bag filled with items for the post office. 
And I would gladly slip into a gown that's both 
body forming and flowing....

Could you please darling, take a moment out of
your busy week to vote for me? Vote here:


  1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog - I really appreciate your lovely comment :)

    Your blog is so interesting - what else could I do but follow?? ;)

  2. Beautiful.....and thank you for stopping my A Box of Jewels.

  3. Scarlett & Carmela -- Thanks ladies! xo, Jolie