Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{balloons & coffee} work day distractions

Certainly a cause for celebration, yesterday was the first day of the photo shoot for my debut album.
Currently wishing I could show you all the insanely beautiful photos taken in an insanely positive &
happy atmosphere...let's just say, you're going to love them! 
Still on cloud nine, despite my busy schedule for the day, it is hard not to be distracted & inspired by
the smell of paper whites and hyacinth, crisp wooden shutters on neighborhood windows...   
...pretty light coming piercing the room (I'm a sucker for pretty lighting.)
But there is no time to linger! Coffee, tea, coffee, blog, pack, errands, emails, costumes, phone calls,
  nails, hair, rhinestones & dinner date.
  It all has to be done before I leave for the Southwest Burlesque Showcase this weekend! 

             What are your favorite strategies for getting things done and staying on task?
I'd love to hear them! xo, Jolie  

Have you voted for me yet? Want to help me make a dream come true?
I would LOVE your vote! <3
{Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition}

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