Monday, February 6, 2012

{Burleque Style Series//featuring: Ginger Valentine!}

Ginger Valentine

In celebration of a fabulous Dallas Burlesque Festival weekend, our second burlesque darling featured is the queen herself, Ginger Valentine! A wonderfully effervescent woman, Ginger is a stunning vision in blue. So what items could be fit for a queen? For locks that make the entire world envious, a wild brush to keep them seriously slinky! An arbiter of writing, a blingy pen is necessary of course. (You can't expect the queen to use a basic bic can you?) Watch her perform and she'll play games with your heart, but this lovely lady plays other games as well! A deck of cards, dominoes...she's up to the task! She'll need decadent fine china to eat her hubbie's scrumptious meals. But don't expect this royalty to prove lazy, this sunshine-y lady loves to work out! She's a little bit of Ludacris, a little bit punk rock --- she's a classic lady with a modern chic twist! xo, Jolie

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