Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Exploring your persona or {character} // your many facets

You often see this part of me: classic silhouette + elegant = glamour puss
...but this girl is another part of me...
 Joe Gracey's daughter + Kimmie Rhodes daughter = a woman in love
with a good groove, good tunes, and tex-mex.
...and this glasses wearing, casual, kinda dorky girl is part of me too!
(That's the part of me that blogs every day!)

Today I'm doing something that for me, is monumental. It's not everyday that a photographer challenges us to do not just our stage persona, but another persona as well. Of course Jolie Goodnight isn't a character, I am Jolie after-all, but Mrs. Goodnight tends to be a certain facet of myself. It's the high glam, classic silhouetted, proper side of me. But like most people, I'm mulch-faceted. There is the blogger chic side of me who wears quirky dresses covered in camels with vintage bags and who spends an hour a day devoted to her blog. And then there is the little girl in me, who grew up surrounded by the music royalty of Austin. It's a side I don't mention often, for fear of sounding pretentious. But yes, I grew up sleeping in my Daddy's bass case at my parents' gigs. I hold the twinkle of Willie Nelson's eyes, the deep boom of Waylon's voice near and dear to my heart. And it's something I'm rather fond of. People are always happy to see this side of me appear; the rock n' roll, wearing jeans, 70s Austin, cosmic cowboy, relaxed, always joking country girl with a big heart. Today, I'm photographing as all of these persona separately (where ordinarily they coexist as, well, me.)

So as a performer, artist, blogger, musician, designer, writer, etc it's worth contemplating the sides of yourself. Is there a part of you yearning to come out? Have you put yourself so tightly into a niche that you are afraid to be in another one? Has branding hindered you from exploring all the facets of your personality?

What are your favorite ways to bring out other elements of yourself? I'd love to hear them!

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