Friday, March 30, 2012

{Exciting News! & New Design Reveal}

I'm simply over the moon with excitement to announce that my debut album will officially be released this fall (which happens to be my favorite season.) So many glamorous updates have been made to fit the jazzy mood -- you might say Maisonette has been gifted a fabulous new facelift! What do you think? Please do tell!

A Little Task List For You (so you don't miss out!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{A Makeover}

Pardon the missing blog post today! Maisonette is currently receiving a fabulous makeover in anticipation of my debut album slated to be released this fall. We can't wait to show you the charming new look!

To help with the new design, your opinion about Maisonette's future would be much coveted, so please don't be shy and commented with your favs and what you would like to see in the future. Also, take a moment to answer the poll up top! xo, Jolie Goodnight

Monday, March 26, 2012

{Good Morning Monday}

Happy Monday Lovelies! Despite the tendency to groan about the busy work week, this week's busy is sure to be bounds of fun...but first, a cup of creamy coffee out in the sunshine so that I can wake up gently, before making a mad dash for the day. There are so many good things to come from hard work, how could I begrudge this week? Today, a meeting with an agent (a chance to sing a couple of tunes,) a ladies' lunch, the fabric store, a few quick errands, and eventually lauding at my sewing table...

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Jazz Show Tonight!}

This evening has fun things in store...a big band guaranteed to satisfy all your nostalgic needs, a couple of duets between the charismatic singer et moi, dancers gliding across the floor, the clink of champagne glasses, and of course the happiness that inevitably comes from a night of jazz...

The Copa Kings perform with special guest Jolie Goodnight

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Work Space}

The excitement of a new work space is making me giddy and I can't stop searching through books, magazines, and blogs to find elements for a perfect work space. This space has to house a lot of projects; costumes, act inspiration, jazz show production, Jolie Goodnight branding, and blog/website design. 

What do I love about this space? 1. Teal books 2. The shelf above the desk 3. a live plant! 
{Loving: 1. The wall of inspiration 2. Clothes hanging on the wall 3. Big long table (instead of desk} 
{Coveting: 1. The graphic rug 2. A bright fur on the chair 3. Framed inspiration on the window sill}

I'm looking forward to enjoying the little things in my new workspace..San Pellegrino, fresh flowers, paint chips pinned on the wall, suitcases filled with fabrics & patterns, and as always, bright light coming through the windows...   

{My past post about Office/Work Spaces:  A stately home office}

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Spring Green}

The world seems atwitter with the excitement of spring's arrival, posts and conversations seem to be about nothing but the enjoyment of the welcome season. How wonderful it is so celebrate the joy of spring with crisp white linens lined with dublin green grosgrain ribbon and soft chenille throws, plush headboards and flowers cut from the vine.
 And how could we not look forward to parsnip colored ruffles, made chic
with black accents, worn to outdoor gatherings with friends?  To watching
the first delicate leaves of oak trees peek out.

Spring green has the tendency to make elegant drapery into something cheerful,
like the green leaves of  hydrangea. I hope the joy of green puts a little spring in
your step today! xo, Jolie 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Pairing pastels}

IFB Challenge: Pair Your Pastels

Sorry for the late post today, spending the day in bed after an unglamorous trip to the dentist.

Often folks think of pastels as a tricky thing. How can one embrace the softer colors of spring without
looking like a victim of an Easter egg hunt gone wrong? I have no qualms with layering pastels when they are paired with any shade of grey -- be it cloudy, charcoal, or ash.

Monday, March 19, 2012

{Monday Costume Musings} the fresh side of costuming

"The psychology of clothes...The newest first and the grandest last." - Isaac Mizrahi

I've been musing today on the idea of freshness appearing first and grandest
appearing last. In fashion this principle is obvious, but is it possible to apply
this idea to a burlesque act or a jazz song set list? 
 The nature of burlesque allows for us to begin in a grandiose and very
obviously grand gown and finish the act in a fresh look of pasties and so
forth. However I love the idea of a perfomer arriving on the stage in a
"fresh" look, something maybe we haven't seen. Or something that is a bit
of a breath of fresh air. 

And furthermore, how can we make pasties and under garments more
grandiose? Is it through movement, through presentation with the hands?
Are there exciting things we can be doing to make our under garments 
as powerful as our gowns? 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

{Show Day}

It's show day! Spending the day in fab Dallas. Looking for something scrumptious to eat...Happy Friday and have a sparkly weekend. xoxo, Jolie

{Because I'm out of time for this week's weekly lovely links, I'd love to see your favorite links, blogs, reads, posts, etc. please post them!}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Speaking of Beautiful Beaches...}

...I can't seem to quit the day dreams after yesterday's post. When feeling an overwhelming sense of 
wanderlust, I pop over to the blog of my always voyaging friends. People unafraid to follow their globe-trotting desires are admirable indeed...

To satisfy your wanderlust needs when you simply can't break away

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Dreaming of St. Tropez}

St. Tropez Must Haves

Spring break is encouraging beachy dreams of St. Tropez. I'm suddenly longing to bask in
the sunlight, for the smell of warm sun lotion, for hair made more fabulous by salt water...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Arbiters of Fromage}

 Today a pleasant walk lead me to meander into a shop that is
unabashedly filled with arbiters of fromage. A cheese shop in 
the always charming Hyde Park...

I adore their willingness to give you a little taste of whatever
you'd like, scrumptious bits of cheese from around the globe...
some honeyed, herbed, salted...Many with colorful rinds holding
delicious delights within...

Also displayed are their delectable honeys, strawberry pate, 
marvelous meats, and easily enjoyable wines.  It certainly
made my day that much more delightful!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

{Burlesque Travling Woes & an Italian Bordello}

Maisonette isn't just a blog about my daily life and what inspires me. Maisonette is a blog for those of us who enjoy (or want to enjoy) the romance of every day life. Maisonette is my way of being grateful and finding grace in every day life. 

At times, traveling as an entertainer can be trying. It can be difficult to romanticize some situations.

This is something I've known since I was a small girl traveling a show business life. There were times we stayed in exquisite hotels and others were spent in desolate locations causing us to ask, "Is this my life? Is this who I am?" So to be "Maisonette-ish" about it, if the only thing you have the power to change is your attitude, darling, simply change your attitude.

My favorite example of this comes from the time spent with my parents in an Italian bordello. Our promoter in Italy was ill leaving us with no other choice but to stay in said unseemly place, so my mother did something remarkable. She filled with room with fresh flowers she picked from the side of the road, candles and soaps from the market, threw the unwanted blankets off the balcony and replaced them with new ones. She brought in delicious bakery items and bubbly water. She waved at the ladies of the evening as they walked up and down the stairs. Before I knew it...I was enjoying staying there.

When an ungrateful side of me begins to show while traveling, I need only to remember the Italian bordello, and the joys found there.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Moving to a New Abode}

We have an unexpected need to move homes again, and though I have the natural
tendency to want to stay put, in this circumstance I am forced to be flexible. What
is always able to change my attitude about moving, is the idea of decorating a 
new home. A new space & place gives me the opportunity to shop my own beloved

I have a certain vision for my new Audrey Hepburn-esque place (just
quaint enough to be chic) that will have clean enough lines that I can add elegant
touches. Fabrics with a nice sheen, crisp drapes with a nice weight to them, quirky
items placed thoughtfully and with humor. 

In the process of looking forward to my new residence, I've found some nice 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

  Happy Birthday to the strongest, most optimistic, most charismatic woman I know!
She is the woman we all aspire to be! (She is the fabulous Kimmie Rhodes after all!)
Never dull, never blah, and always fun. She is the best mama a gal could ever ask for!


Monday, March 5, 2012

{A list of things...}

In getting ready for my record release there are some fun things going on with the Jolie Goodnight team!

  1. The Jolie Goodnight website is about to have a new home and entirely sparkly new look.

  1. The blog, twitter, and website will have a harmonious and beautiful new aesthetic that you are sure to love!

  1. We will soon have new 8 x10s for sale from some fabulous sassy photo shoots.

     4. Coming soon is the Jolie Goodnight e-newsletter. Sign up for breaking news, tour dates, press, and performance information.

I hope you are having a marvelously productive Monday! xo, Jolie


Thursday, March 1, 2012

{Burlesque Road Trip} A Poem

It's that time again! To fill our suitcases with costumes galore...
To drink the delicious beverages we adore....
To select a few make up necessities...or more!

It's a Jigglewatt roadtrip, my favorite kind! With lots of giggly
conversation, it's easy to unwind. A burlesque road trip is the most
elegant of them all, you won't find one suitcase too small!