Monday, March 12, 2012

{Burlesque Travling Woes & an Italian Bordello}

Maisonette isn't just a blog about my daily life and what inspires me. Maisonette is a blog for those of us who enjoy (or want to enjoy) the romance of every day life. Maisonette is my way of being grateful and finding grace in every day life. 

At times, traveling as an entertainer can be trying. It can be difficult to romanticize some situations.

This is something I've known since I was a small girl traveling a show business life. There were times we stayed in exquisite hotels and others were spent in desolate locations causing us to ask, "Is this my life? Is this who I am?" So to be "Maisonette-ish" about it, if the only thing you have the power to change is your attitude, darling, simply change your attitude.

My favorite example of this comes from the time spent with my parents in an Italian bordello. Our promoter in Italy was ill leaving us with no other choice but to stay in said unseemly place, so my mother did something remarkable. She filled with room with fresh flowers she picked from the side of the road, candles and soaps from the market, threw the unwanted blankets off the balcony and replaced them with new ones. She brought in delicious bakery items and bubbly water. She waved at the ladies of the evening as they walked up and down the stairs. Before I knew it...I was enjoying staying there.

When an ungrateful side of me begins to show while traveling, I need only to remember the Italian bordello, and the joys found there.

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