Monday, March 19, 2012

{Monday Costume Musings} the fresh side of costuming

"The psychology of clothes...The newest first and the grandest last." - Isaac Mizrahi

I've been musing today on the idea of freshness appearing first and grandest
appearing last. In fashion this principle is obvious, but is it possible to apply
this idea to a burlesque act or a jazz song set list? 
 The nature of burlesque allows for us to begin in a grandiose and very
obviously grand gown and finish the act in a fresh look of pasties and so
forth. However I love the idea of a perfomer arriving on the stage in a
"fresh" look, something maybe we haven't seen. Or something that is a bit
of a breath of fresh air. 

And furthermore, how can we make pasties and under garments more
grandiose? Is it through movement, through presentation with the hands?
Are there exciting things we can be doing to make our under garments 
as powerful as our gowns? 

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  1. I love this idea! And I think it can apply to burlesque- to a lineup certainly, and to an individual act as well... with some creative engineering :-)
    I like to see costumes become more intricate, fascinating and grand as the layers come off- no small feat when the items are getting smaller and smaller... however as the garmenta peel away, movement is less restricted and can become more grand. And then there's the use of those big, grand props that usually come into play at the end.
    I'm reminded of a love affair- beginning with flirtatious moments that are full of newness and excitement, leading to the grand main event, and perhaps a honeymoon in Venice ;-)