Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Work Space}

The excitement of a new work space is making me giddy and I can't stop searching through books, magazines, and blogs to find elements for a perfect work space. This space has to house a lot of projects; costumes, act inspiration, jazz show production, Jolie Goodnight branding, and blog/website design. 

What do I love about this space? 1. Teal books 2. The shelf above the desk 3. a live plant! 
{Loving: 1. The wall of inspiration 2. Clothes hanging on the wall 3. Big long table (instead of desk} 
{Coveting: 1. The graphic rug 2. A bright fur on the chair 3. Framed inspiration on the window sill}

I'm looking forward to enjoying the little things in my new workspace..San Pellegrino, fresh flowers, paint chips pinned on the wall, suitcases filled with fabrics & patterns, and as always, bright light coming through the windows...   

{My past post about Office/Work Spaces:  A stately home office}


  1. @pve design -- It was a fun search! It's so inspiring to see the offices of stylists, designers, and editors.

  2. Nice workspace you have here. Looking forward for more inspiring ideas and images. Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. Creating a new work space is certainly exciting! Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos in your blog. Looking forward to more posts from you!