Monday, April 30, 2012

{A Voyage to France)

Bonjour my darling readers! Maisonette will be visiting France for the next
month (that's the reason for my lack of blog posts the past week. I've been
preparing for a long journey!) Yesterday we arrived in Toulouse, piled our
baggage into the car, and took off into the beautiful country side toward our
little home in our little village.  

I'll be posting my daily French dalliances on Maisonette & you can look
for fully detailed, "yonderlust" filled posts soon @ {OverYonderLust

xo, Jolie


  1. I love that you're surrounded by so much beauty! Have a beautiful time! I'd love to see it with you one day.

  2. Seriously! The first picture?! All French acccents aside, what does that say!?