Monday, May 7, 2012

{Flowers of France}

{Sun Drenched Lady Banksia in a beautiful abundance}

 {A garden rose peeking through the fence of an elderly couple enjoying their garden}

{Lemon Iris lining the Canal Midi, bending with the spring winds} 

 {A profusion of seemingly royal iris}

 It is increasingly hard to resist coming home with bundles of flowers each day as we return to our maisonette, as spring has provided southern France with the flowers of which painters dream. Around every corner is the possibility for something beautiful - petite fleurs peeking through rock walls, vast fields of poppies bright in the sunshine - a perfecting setting for "finding a new way through the world." 

xo, Jolie

(PS Things are becoming quite interesting with the election of a new French president. To witness French politics in France is an experience.)


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  2. Your trip has been filled with a lot of beauty and rustic places.