Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Design: Boudoir & Closet} Designer Dorothee Schumacher

I'm a sucker for a well designed & organized closet and Dorothee Schumacher's closet, photographed by The Selby, has become one of my favorites. It's much more than just your everyday closet -- it's a boudoir; a room equipped with a vanity, stunning lighting, whimsical architectural details, and velvet stools. Wouldn't it be a dream to choose the day's outfit in this space?

1. Add romantic lighting...and then add glamorous lighting.
2. Treat a closet like a room and a room like a closet! (Add details that you wouldn't normally find in a closet.)
3. Use shelving for purses
4. Use uniform hangers
5. Use small boxes to contain jewelry

What are your favorites things about this room? Have any tips for creating a great closet/boudoir?

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{all images from: the selby}

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