Thursday, June 21, 2012

{A Refined Home (with some really great details!}

While Summer is not my favorite season, I have to admit that I somehow covet summer decor and fashion (as you may be able to tell by my recent posts.) What is it about a coral pattern or a splashes of navy and white that is so desirable?

 Perhaps it's the fantasy -- it's easy to picture myself on a yacht surrounded by bronzed smiling friends making a meaningful toast. But what I like most about this space is the successful mixing of colors, textures, patters, and shapes. 

Details I Enjoy Most: coral ottomans, the small vase of hydrangeas, floor to ceiling curtains, the zebra pillow thrown in for good measure.
The Successful Elements: the gorgeous deep wall color, pillow stripes, a closet fit for shopping in
images from: (living room photo found via Lisa Buck's fantastic pinterest)

What are your favorite things about this space? I'd love to read your comments!
xo, Jolie

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  1. My favorite thing is it has that "I'll have what she's ordering" thing going on.