Monday, August 6, 2012

ROADTRIP ESSENTIALS "in the car" : Summer Style Series

This Monday and the days that follow are going to be spent in preparation for my upcoming Summer tour -- New Mexico, Colorado, California here I come! As many of us are taking our final Summer road trips, I thought this week should be dedicated to road trips.

Because I grew up as show-business-kid and am now a show-business-lady I've spent much of my life on the road. And while it's tempting to begrudge the many hours spent in the car, why not make it easy to enjoy your beautiful vacation by making sure you have all the essentials? 

+ YOUR ITINERARY (so you know what's next!)
+ A PEN AND NOTEBOOK (for creative thoughts and journaling)
+SOCKS (because your feet will get cold!)

What are you roadtrip "in the car" essentials?
Comment to tell me, because I'd love to know what they are!
xo, Jolie 

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  1. We took a road trip down to see my family and my sons brought beef jerkey. Not that I am ever suggesting you bring that....but something chewy to satiate one's appetite....and also never be afraid to talk to the strangers along the way....we have some great memories of our road trip.
    I brought my sketch pad.

  2. iced coffee and bottled water.

    fresh fruit for snacking.(and pretzels, i love pretzels)

    a sense of adventure. (and a copy of roadside attractions...some cool stuff in there)

    if i'm not flying solo, a travel companion who can read the roadmap and remind me it's ok to stop for pictures.

  3. @pve design - A sketch pad is a great idea! I'm not much of an artist, but maybe one of the ladies in my troupe is!

    @willem - I'm thinking those Starbucks cold brew coffee things may be essentials for this trip! Bringing a copy of roadside attractions is a marvelous idea! We certainly don't want to miss all the great history along the way!

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