Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Ideas and Work}

I apologize for the lack of Monday posting. We have been busy preparing our house and organizing the office in preparation for the coming of fall. Fall is always an exciting time for me as I consider fall to be a sort of new year. I spend time at the edge of fall and summer purging items and organizing tasks.
I always look forward to these couple of weeks. It's as if the ideas and work of spring and summer were building toward the extraordinary things to come in the fall. Autumn in the season during which everything comes together. And luckily, last week was epiphany week, so I know exactly what paths to take this week. 

And amidst all the productive days, I'll be sure to take moments to savor the last sun filled days of summer. 

In what ways do you savor the end of summer? 
xo, Jolie

1 comment:

  1. I like to grab one last 90 plus day to hang my sheets in the sun and then go to bed early and read a great book!