Monday, September 10, 2012

{New Orleans & Kaylin Idora}

I'm sure that many burlesque performers are feeling butterflies & excitement in anticipation for the beautiful New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Monday and Tuesday are the days for dreaming & preparing, planning & rehearsing. And after a luxurious weekend spent performing (and socializing) at the Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel, it feels as if the beginning of the week is only a brief pause before indulging in perfect evenings and gracing a beautiful stage...
...And once back in one of my favorite cities in the world, New Orleans, I'll have the pleasure of working with one of my favorite photographers while there. 

What makes Kaylin's work so devastatingly gorgeous is that she is able to capture the glamour of a moment while still keeping the genuine character of the model. Sometimes glamour can feel so stifled, so stiff. However Kaylin creates art by sweeping all the charm of a person into one magical portrait that's filled with life and romance. It's truly luxurious. 

I hope your Monday is charming and lovely! xo, Jolie 

Performers Featured: 
1.  Michelle L'Amour
2. Ruby Joule
3. Jolee Blon'
4. Coco Lectric
5. LouLou D'vil 

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