Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Valentino Fall 2012} A Luxuriously Autumnal Collection

As I look forward to fall I can't help but take another glance at the Valentino Fall 2012 collection. The collection has a kind of fall forest feel of which I can't get enough. The plush cashmere, the seductive chiffon, and the somber florals are irresistible to me.

With this collection I'm pleasantly reminded of fall evenings -- the faint smell of smoke from a crackling fire, rustling leaves, cool crisp air, and the click of glasses filled with something delicious on a night spent with friends.

What do you love about this collection? A big thanks to Kyla The Artist for
suggesting these amazing dresses to me! 

I hope you day is filled with seductive chiffon! xo, Jolie

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  1. Absolutely lovely, now if they only had a few curves...