Monday, November 5, 2012

{ Making Your Life Richer and Fuller} Dark Velvets and the Coming of Fall

Changing things up a bit...around the house, in the office, in everyday life... on costumes, on task lists. When fall arrives I find it a great opportunity to remove those things I find unnecessary and to embellish what is almost perfect.  In fall, I want my live to feel richer.

Why not make things more lush or luxurious? Fall is begging for us to indulge in dark velvets, days of work done by the fire instead of at a desk, added sparkly accessories, and hours of deep pensive thoughts. Add to yourself, to your home, to your work! Whether it be a vintage velvet gown, a silky cozy throw, a series of meaningful rehearsals, a well edited document --- reach further to not only pamper, but to improve yourself!

Do you find yourself wanting to feel as though your life is fuller these days? 

xo, Jolie


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