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{Let Your Light Shine!} a wonderful list

New Year's Eve, I love it! Such a glamorous and joyful occasion filled with the pop of a champagne cork, the perpetual clinking of glasses, the dull roar of cheer in a room full of friends dressed in their wintery best. Tonight I'll be celebrating in a show {you can purchase tickets here} -- a show of live jazz, burlesque, song & dance. What better way to ring in the new?

But before I do so, I'd like to take a moment to count my many blessings {you, my fans are the first counted in this list -- thank you for your love and support!}

Accomplished &; Adored in 2013:
{1} I released my debut album "Say Goodnight Gracey" with the help of friends, fans, & family -- album that you can listen to and purchase here if you like: "Say Goodnight Gracey" on itunes

{2} Since February I produced many "Jolie Goodnight" shows, cultivating a new audience, new band members, and a new love for the courage to go chase my dreams.

{3} I performed at the B…

{Wintery &Glittery New Year's Inspiration}

With what joy will you ring in the new year? Have you made sure your resolution is a happy one? Be kind to yourself this year -- make a resolution that brings a smile to your face!
Cheer & Glitter xo, Jolie

Burlesque Holiday Ball {closing night}

Oh! I'm always so sentimental on closing night of a fabulous show, especially when it is a fabulous Christmas show. I feel so absolutely blessed to have been able to be a part a a wonderful cast, a jolly show, and bandleader for my darling band. 
Don't miss closing night of our live band burlesque show! For Tickets: The Gibson Lounge at Maggie Mae's "Holiday Burlesque Ball" Show 10:00pm

{The Most Wonderful} time of the year!

Happy Monday darlings! Do your best to make it the most wonderful time of the year! Why not? xo, Jolie


Bonjour Blogger world! I am so happy to announce that my CD Release Party will be November 22nd at 7:00pm at the fabulous Gibson Lounge on 6th street in Austin, Texas!
I'd love to see all of your faces there! For Tickets: Jolie Goodnight's CD Release Party
What a dream come true! XO, Jolie

{A precious few}

"When the autumn weather
Turns leaves to flame
One hasn't got time
For the waiting game
Oh, the days dwindle down
To a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days
I'll spend with you
These precious days
I'll spend with you" - September Song
I hope your Monday is chilly and cheerful! xo, Jolie

{on my radar}

I can guarantee you that I'll be looking for these in stores, and once I find them, I'll be wearing them non-stop.
Happy Monday! xo, Jolie

{Greyspiration!} Luxe Greys

{Get Busy!}

Spent the weekend with Victor Trevino Jr. and his darling wife Chloe -- a quick trip, out on the road with tunes, family, food, and too much fun -- carnivals, homemade meals, (too much wine perhaps?) And once home, happy to arrive  to find friends that feel like family celebrating the coming autumn season. What a supreme pleasure to be merry with seasonal ale, cool weather, pumpkin bread with pecan butter, and the chilly breeze that's finally arrived!...
...But it's Monday, so get busy!
Happy Week! xo, Jolie

{Autumnal Plaids & Work Days}

It's endless tasks around here, days spent working late, long nights and                              early mornings, but finding they are at least tempered with surprise calls                             from friends and encouraging texts. So many lists with so many things on                             them, an avalanche of envelopes, emails, and errands. What to do for balance?                             Listen to Billie Holiday, have one too many cups of tea,  & {stay cool, calm,                             and chicly collected.} 
                            And don't forget, sneak Autumnal plaids into your wardrobe! xo, Jolie

{Gal Pals}

Sometimes you just need to talk to your gal pal for a long time (in lieu of paying attention to your to do list.)
Thanks Mandy!
{Ladies & Gents, that's Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell}

Completely Obsessed With...

Happy Monday! xo, Jolie

{B & W} Inspiration

{a trip to Denver}

Home sweet home after having a wonderful trip to the lovely city of Denver, nestled in the beautiful blue-grey of the mountains, finding time between shows for gruyere sandwiches, candlelit girly sleepovers (accompanied by plenty of wine of course) and some last minute rhinestoning.

Feeling so blessed to have had a successful show at the famous clocktower, to have enjoyed moments spent with the audience, to have really felt the joyful nuances of being an entertainer - though I'll admit I found myself unable to find the edge of the stage & so was (understandably) splitting time between bliss and avoiding a great fall. Afterwards, I visited with old friends & new -- happy to watch the second show and "cheers" with Texas performers and Pierre. (And admittedly very happy to have such sweet compliments about my act given to me by performers I admire.)
...the next day - workshop with Jett Adore, a splendid afternoon of self-discovery, lessons, and the kind of depth on…

Screen Sirens Starring Jolie Goodnight

Screen Sirens - Songs from Hollywood Classics Join Jolie Goodnight for an evening of jazz celebrating the stunning women of the silver screen. Voluptuous Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Rosemary Clooney, Jane Russell, and Ann Miller not only visually swept audiences off their feet but seduced them with melody as well. One night only, June 26th, Jolie Goodnight takes us through the past 50 years of classic acts and songs teeming with vibrant grandeur and elevated emotions.

The beautiful velveted Spiderhouse Ballroom is the perfect cabaret atmosphere for Jolie Goodnight and her live band to dazzle audiences with scintillating playful tunes and vaudevillian humor.  It's a show filled with glitter, glitz, heart and soul and an entrancing voice dripping of nostalgia.

June 26th 7:00pm
$5 General $10 VIP
at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
Austin, Texas

{My Favs from Chanel Resort 2013}

{All images via: Chanel Resort 2012}

{It's a Busy Day but...}

I have a busy day (or week rather) ahead of me, but this editorial with Amber Heard seriously makes me want to play hooky to my to do list and lie in the sunshine instead....

But I can't stop for a second! I have to say last week was absolutely splendid -- the last few wonderful hours in Chicago -- with friends, a jukebox, and a midnight walk amongst spring daffodils; then a quick flight back to Austin, meetings, a moment on the radio, and a magnificent jazz show!

Later this week it's my birthday, so no time for sunshine until it's time to celebrate! I hope your Monday is off to a lovely start! xo, Jolie

{Just a friendly reminder...}

"Spring Fling" A Jazz Spectacular Starring Jolie Goodnight
May 4th at the Spider House Ballroom
Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 8:00pm

For Tickets:

{Ballerinas & the prettiest of rooms}

Recovering today from the lingering flu, but no time for that -- time to prepare for upcoming performances [costumes to be embellished, acts to be rehearsed] late night parties with out of town friends, a few hours of sleep here (a few there), burlesque brunches...Without further ado, I simply have to get back to things! xo, Jolie